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by keivinwedell
Tue 22. Feb 2011, 20:28
Forum: phpwcms Support English
Topic: {STATUS_MESSAGE} Error, Help Please...
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{STATUS_MESSAGE} Error, Help Please...

Hello friends, I have a problem with PHPWCMS:

When I create an article or upload a file and save the changes, I get a bad page displayed:

Code: Select all

I have checked the forums and can not find the solution of the problem, could you please help?

Thank you very much.
by keivinwedell
Fri 5. Nov 2010, 19:22
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Celebrate our 7th Anniversary
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Re: Celebrate our 7th Anniversary

Dear Oliver, receive a great greeting from Mexico. Thank you very much for sharing the product of your talent and your effort with us. PHPWCMS is the best content management system that exists, and I am very grateful with you for allowing me to use it. I want and I hope that the project continue cel...
by keivinwedell
Sun 21. Jun 2009, 22:28
Forum: sites you are proud of (made with phpwcms only)
Topic: Designed Web Sites with phpcwcms
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Designed Web Sites with phpcwcms

Hello, I want to share with you 4 websites that I designed with the best open source content management system: ¡¡¡PHPWCMS!!! Thank you very much for this app Olive...